Wednesday, December 1, 2010


i totally forgot about my post yesterday.


it might have been the lingering cold that i'm still fighting (it feels like it's been a year, but it really hasn't). perhaps it was the perplexing decision about what to make for dinner.  perhaps it was Baby Girl kicking me and doing somersaults so vigorously that i just sat and watched--because i could SEE it.

maybe it was the grapefruit juice craving.

i don't know.  but i'm sorry.

i will say this--yesterday was a good day for self-discipline for me. i had decided that i was eating too much sugar and not enough substance, so i tried very hard to discipline myself.  i was successful, and found myself taking each decision at a time, trying to choose wisely, and recommitting to cooking dinners with healthy ingredients that come from the earth (instead of pizza, which is what i wish we could eat every day).  it felt like a bit of a triumph for me.

sometimes it's the small ones that count the most.

i was going to also take my post opportunity to be accountable and set some goals. beginning on december 9th, and continuing until i can't manage to waddle down the street, i'll be walking 4 times a week. if i can do it outside, i'm going to, because i don't think there's much more that's invigorating than a walk outside. but i also pay a sizable chunk of money to a local gym, so there's no weather-induced excuses for me to lean on.  during times when i'm away from home, i'll bring my sneakers or hit the yoga.

that's my commitment--i'm getting back on the exercise horse.  i'm not saying how long i'll walk (though i do have a distance in mind) nor am i saying i'll be perfect at it (6 days a week seems insane to me right now, especially since i want to integrate prenatal yoga as well), but i'm saying i'll do it.

you heard me, so you should keep me accountable.

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