Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Passion= traveling

I hate packing.

For the past few summers I have packed up all my belongings in DC in order to travel. The first summer I did this I was able to sublet my spot in my house, and I just packed away my clothes. But now I pack up everything, sell some furniture, and put everything into storage. 

Right now my room is a disaster area. I have Rubbermaids in every corner, boxes and suitcases along my hallway...and my bed is often covered with clothes (I just shift the clothes to another location when I go to sleep). 

Again, I hate packing. 

However, this year my packing situation is a little different. My roommate and I ended our lease early, so I am going to put all my stuff into storage this Saturday, about two weeks before I am scheduled to leave on my trip and sleep on an air mattress at a friend's house (thank you friend!!). So, not only am I packing for my travels, but I am also packing to be able to survive two weeks of living at a friend's.

You may be asking yourself if it is really worth doing this every year. And my answer is yes. 

You see, traveling is in my blood, it is my passion. My grandparents absolutely loved to travel. They were able to travel quite a bit in South America with my grandfather's company (my grandparents were based out of Chile for a number of years), but they also traveled all over Europe. When my grandfather retired, he and my grandmother went to Spain twice a year, usually in March and October. Now that my grandmother has passed away, the grandchildren (and the aunts) have taken over the reigns and often go with my grandfather to Spain (it was great fun when Alina and I lost our grandfather in Zaragoza!).

Beyond that, my aunt lived in Switzerland during college and traveled all over. My mom's first trip to Europe was when she was 16, with my aunt. They went on a adventure, just the two of them, and you should hear some of their stories (particularly the story about the lake in Switzerland, when a storm hit and they were in a canoe).

And then there is me. I was 12 days old the first time I rode on a plane. My first big trip was to New York City at 15. At 22 I went to Europe for the first time. I have traveled all around US and I have gone to South America (ask me about the time I took my grandfather to a tango show in Buenos Aires). I studied abroad in Paris and have been back to Europe 7 times.

And still it is not enough. 

In short, traveling is what makes me tick. I love planning trips (that's half the fun) and I love taking impromptu trips. I have a savings account dedicated to them (seriously, my saving account is named Happy Trip Money). 

So,what is your passion? What do you do (or wish you could) that makes you completely happy?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Swimsuit season!

Swimsuit season - we love it, we hate it - but it's here. In the past I have bought cheaper trendier suits that cover me decently, but now I'm will to spend a little more time and money to get a suit that will flatter and last. These are a couple places online that I've been looking.


Ann Taylor LOFT

Then of course, Macy's and Dilliards...Kohl's isn't bad either....

Anyways, I would like to ask the blogging world about any other recommendations that you could give as I begin my quest to find the perfect suit????

And I would just like to add, that swimsuit models are not representatives of the vast majority of the human family. I mean, who looks like that??? Certainly not me, but I just tell myself that's ok :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wait, its JUNE??

(Just as a warning, this post is a smorgasbord of thoughts)

How was everyone's Memorial Day Weekend?

Hope you all had a fun time. I spent the weekend at a lake in Maryland (Deep Creek Lake). I go every year with a group of friends and we rent a house and have all sorts of fun.

 Aren't we a good looking bunch!


At one point during the weekend, a bunch of us were sitting in the hot tub, commenting on how much weight we gained during the weekend (for some background info, there is candy everywhere. Chocolate chip cookies, trail mix, Cheeze Its, lemonade, cupcakes, pie....and then we have our regular meals).

Thankfully, I only gained two pounds. Which are coming off as soon as I go running this afternoon.  

Which leads me to my next point: I am starting the Couch to 5K program again. I did this a few years ago and was really successful (I had to stop because my knees started to act up). I never officially ran a 5K, but I was doing it regularly at my gym. This time I want to run in the Tunnel to Tower 5K in New York City on September 25th. So I have plenty of time to get my knees in running shape.

Speaking of goals, I started to freak out this morning because it is June 1st and I have not accomplished any of my fitness goals. Where has the year gone?? I told myself in January that I was going to be much lighter when I went to Spain this year. False. I am just a little lighter. So...I leave for Spain on June 27th and for the next 27 days, we are in full fitness mode. My new goal is to reach my goal weight by my birthday (if not before), which is November 27th. That should be plenty of time.

 In closing of this very random blog entry, my friends and I have a saying about working out during the summer. We call it Summer of Hot Bod. 

Everyone, please join me in welcoming Summer of Hot Bod (take four!). 

This year, we will be successful!