Sunday, March 18, 2012

My workout buddy is back!

My husband is not quite so into exercising as I am. He generally needs a little kick in the pants to get going. We used to exercise together when we were dating -- for a while, we were regulars at this fantastic yoga class, and we've done a fair amount of swimming together.

But the past year or so, I've missed my yoga and training buddy. He's been working on some other stuff, and I've gotten involved with the swim team. And while we do the occasional yoga DVD together at home, it's not quite the same.

But this past week, he joined my gym! I'm really looking forward to doing some yoga, weight training and swimming together. I'll admit that it's nice having the time to myself, but I think working out together will be even better and a lot less boring.

We start tomorrow morning with a swim. He's already grumbling about being dragged out of bed...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

16 Ways I Learned to Love My Body Health & Fitness:

Well, considering the current state my body is in (i.e. pregnant), I've found myself noticing some changes that I'm not completely thrilled with and I'm sure there are way more to come.  I caught myself getting upset and feeling helpless.  This isn't a totally new thing for me - I've always found things I don't like about my body - but I don't want those feelings to get worse and then hate myself for the next 6+ months.  I know that's not healthy.

But the real truth is, my body is doing something AMAZING. In fact our bodies do AMAZING things everyday! Don't even get me going on human physiology :).  I just don't know why we as women have such a hard time respecting, loving and accepting our bodies...

I wanted to write this post, but I really didn't feel like I had a ton of insight on how to "love your body" so blessed Google helped me find this little feature which has some very positive suggestions:

16 Ways I Learned to Love My Body Health & Fitness:

Enjoy!  And love that body of yours!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(You may have noticed a bit of a change with the background and set up of the blog. Don't worry, we are just trying some new things...)

For the month of February, it seemed that I was constantly surrounded by chocolate or oreo truffles or cupcakes or cookies...some sort of sweet.
So, because so many people around me were giving up things for Lent, I decided to join them and give up something I truly love. I tried giving up all sweets (no, I am not Catholic, but it seems like a good time to do something drastic). Le Fiance decided to give up chips.

I lasted about a week-ish. 
I know. Pathetic.

So maybe I can't handle such drastic measures. 
However, I did lost 2.7 lbs last week. It was torture, but that just proves how addicted I am to chocolate.
Le Fiance is still going strong, although he is trying to find alternatives to chips. He asked me if he could eat popcorn (he doesn't even like popcorn).

Instead, I am back to the whole moderation thing, which time and time again proves the way to go. I can enjoy my sweets, but still be in control. 

How do you guys keep in control when temptation is all around? 
Any tips?

I've got 22 lbs to go to reach my goal weight for the wedding. 
Trucking along...

Friday, March 2, 2012

An Announcement...

After a couple weeks of slacking, I am back. Seems like some exciting things are going on with these bloggers!

I myself have some exciting news to share...

I am just over 3 months pregnant! yay :)

But no worries, I will NOT turn this into a pregnancy blog. I would, however, like to share some thoughts about how I feel about my body now...

First of all, I've never been extremely obese, but nor have I ever been extremely thin (not in the genes people...). In fact, since I was a teenager I've been making some very conscious efforts to watch my weight. I've had ups and downs, but in the past couple years I've been decently happy with where I was at. I must say, that as excited as I am about this little bean I'm carrying, I am really dreading the weight gain. According to my doctor, someone with my 5'4" frame should only gain about 25lbs. And that should be achieved by only eating an extra 300 calories a day (which really isn't all that much). I just am afraid that it will be easy to spin out of control but be very difficult to get back into shape...

I'm trying to change my focus though: I'm not "eating for two", I'm not even eating for me - I'm eating to grow a tiny human. That's made me think twice about what I put in my body, because I want this thing to be healthy (doesn't mean I haven't splurged a little though :)). I think a lot of this journey will be mental - having a positive attitude, not focusing on "feeling fat", feeling "in control" of my body, not giving myself too many excuses to indulge or be lazy.

Any of you have thoughts, suggestions, advise, for a healthy pregnancy???