Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(You may have noticed a bit of a change with the background and set up of the blog. Don't worry, we are just trying some new things...)

For the month of February, it seemed that I was constantly surrounded by chocolate or oreo truffles or cupcakes or cookies...some sort of sweet.
So, because so many people around me were giving up things for Lent, I decided to join them and give up something I truly love. I tried giving up all sweets (no, I am not Catholic, but it seems like a good time to do something drastic). Le Fiance decided to give up chips.

I lasted about a week-ish. 
I know. Pathetic.

So maybe I can't handle such drastic measures. 
However, I did lost 2.7 lbs last week. It was torture, but that just proves how addicted I am to chocolate.
Le Fiance is still going strong, although he is trying to find alternatives to chips. He asked me if he could eat popcorn (he doesn't even like popcorn).

Instead, I am back to the whole moderation thing, which time and time again proves the way to go. I can enjoy my sweets, but still be in control. 

How do you guys keep in control when temptation is all around? 
Any tips?

I've got 22 lbs to go to reach my goal weight for the wedding. 
Trucking along...

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  1. I gave up ice cream. Still going strong, despite massive cravings. I also have slimmed down a bit. The two are likely related.