Wednesday, December 29, 2010

small steps.

good grief almighty, if i could figure out what day it is, this whole blogging on a schedule deal would be a lot easier. what with the no classes and the family in town and the making merry and the registering for Baby Girl, it's been a bit of a whirlwind!

i'm sorry. i'll try to begin 2011 a bit better than i ended it, on this here blog.


i hope i keep doing what i have been doing in terms of my attitude toward choices.

we all know that the holidays are a bit of a minefield of poor living choices--not enough fiber, too much sugar, too much fat, not enough exercise, lots of parties and frivolity and not as much water and good, restful sleep.  after going to the doctor and realizing that i really needed to step up my game in terms of mindful, healthy choices, i did just that.

i started to make mindful healthy choices.

it doesn't mean i didn't indulge (as meg said, calories don't count on Christmas!) or eat the cookie or 3. but it meant that when i did have complete control over what i could eat, i chose wisely. when others were having banana pancakes, i ate Christmas leftovers (including broccoli, green beans, raw vegetables and lowfat dip, sugar-free jello salad, etc).  i tried to make my snacks smart and balanced and, when i began to feel like i wasn't doing anything really right, i told myself that all i could do was make the best choice that i could given the circumstances.

it's often hard, when faced with situations out of your control (going out with friends, attending a party, eating with a group), to not get down on yourself for not making the perfect choice.  but there's always a better choice, and if your attitude is one of doing the best you can every time, those choices will add up.

and that might mean that, at the mexican restaurant, you eat chips but ask for black beans and white rice with your plain steak tacos--but you'll also look at your plate, free of lard and assorted delicious and typical mexican fare, and think "huh. i actually did pretty well."

(or at least you would if you were me last night.)

so, over the coming days as the holidays wind up, make smart, wise, mindful decisions about your healthy living.  do your best to get in some exercise, even if that exercise really just includes cleaning your house or taking a walk with family after dinner.  eat a veggie or two and pack a snack for the road instead of eating out.  include a vitamin.  drink your water. 

if you make one wise decision at a time, they'll add up--and you'll have much more to celebrate than the dropping of a crystal ball at midnight on friday.


on a personal note, thanks to all of you for reading over the past few months. this little blog was only a dream a while ago, but thanks to the wonderful ladies to inspire and teach me every week (and who i get to share this space with!) and to you readers who comment and share so generously, it has become a safe refuge to get ideas and share strategies and work out frustration.  thank you for including me, and us, in your lives.

may your 2011 be as bright as your dreams--and may the spirit of this peaceful, restful, and celebratory time stay with you, in your hearts, throughout the upcoming months. 

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