Sunday, December 19, 2010

what we want for Christmas: a new contributor!

our dear laura has had to leave our ranks (sad face!), which leaves us without a friday poster.  after thinking about what to do about this particular quandry (and realizing few of us have the time to post twice a week with regularity), we realized that we were overlooking the greatest treasure trove of awesome posts ever.


so, if you're interested in becoming a regular contributor to this little blog, please comment below. we'd like to know a few things about you:

a) why you'd like to become a part of our little community (what motivates you to want to blog about healthy living?)


b) what you think your particular perspective on healthy living will be (ie mine usually is personal stories/anecdotes about my struggles/triumphs, meg's is often fitness strategies and research, etc, though these are certainly not hard-and-fast categories).

please don't feel like you have to be an expert at ANYTHING to be a contributor. if you ask the rest of us, we'd scoff if anyone suggested such a thing. we're just people who are doing our best to make our lives as healthy as we can, in mind, body, and spirit. we'd love to have you contribute if you think you have something to say (and don't we all?).

potential contributors will be contacted individually, and will likely be given a guest spot on a friday to exercise their blogging muscles.  :)

we look forward to seeing what you all have to say--and to rounding out the ranks here at so maybe mom was right with one of you!


  1. I think you guys need a fashionista! you seem to have everything else girly. check out my friend Terri. She's also a Florida girl.

    Hmmm.. the link isn't working. Ill get her to contact you guys!

  2. I'll do it.
    What motivates me for healthy living is trying to conceive a child, while having PCOS (a fertility issue). Because of the PCOS, I have to take Metformin which is a diabetic drug and also follow a low glycemic index diet. My input could be dealing with dieting (having a LOT to lose) and fertility issues. Check out my current blog if you'd like.
    ~Heather Shrout

  3. a) I blog about healthy living because I have not been happier since I started making DELIBERATE and CONSCIOUS choices to be healthier. People think being healthy is so HARD and I like to show how just a series of small, simple choices can really transform your life.

    b) I am a newly married California girl who works full-time and is trying to do it all (be a wife, a cook, a professional, an athlete, etc, etc)! If I want to lead a healthy life, I have to find ways to make it EASY and not TIME-CONSUMING - otherwise it just won't get done. I think a lot of women (and men!) are like me - they don't blog for a living or work from home. They have to pack their lunch every day. They have to find a time to workout when they get home late at night (or before they leave early in the morning). Full-time bloggers or folks who work from home make being healthy look easy because they have a bit more time to do it. It gets hard when you have a lot of responsibilities OUTSIDE of the home and I like to think that's where I come in. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity! I currently blog at

  4. I would love to throw my hat into the ring.
    A) I already have a healthy-loving blog (, so I'm already an avid blogger. And I love being a healthy-living blogger for so many reasons, but mostly because I am an average person. I used to be lazy and eat badly. I try to be active and eat well. Sometimes I struggle. Sometimes I succeed. I'm no expert, but I firmly believe that two heads are better than one.
    B) My perspective is one you don't yet have — I'm a college student. At a time in most people's lives when early morning workouts and thinking about alcohol calories seem blasphemous, I'm doing it. And I don't do it by leaps and bounds, but rather small changes and choices every day.

  5. I blog about healthy living and eating on a budget. I would love to be able to share my thoughts and tips with others!