Friday, December 31, 2010

To a New Year!

My apologies for not posting on Wednesday, I was struck with the 24 hour flu bug that has been going around. But rest assured, I am feeling much better.

I know that we have all written about our goals for 2011. And I know that it is a common thought that although we make these goals and resolutions, come mid-January, we have dropped all thoughts of resolutions and continued with life as though we never gave them a thought.

That is going to change for me this year. I honestly don't remember what resolutions I made last year. Probably something about getting a job, losing weight, and perhaps in the back of my mind, getting married (hey, I hit two out of three! And no, I did not get married).

But this year, I am making specific goals that I want to look at every month and keep myself on track. So. Here we go.

1. Limit my eating out to once a week. Honestly, I could eat out every night. This will ensure that I save money and stay on track!

2. Get my finances in order and on a get out-of-debt plan. My students loans are a-calling. Ouch.

3. Workout at least three times a week. I am giving myself a little leeway with this one. Sometimes I have really stressful weeks...but my goal is to do some type of working out every week. This includes going to Zumba, taking a walk outside or going to the gym. I like options.

4. Get my grading life in order. I am tired of bringing my grading home. I am going to get organized so that I can do everything at my desk at work (this is conveniently timed, because I start a new quarter on January 12th!)

5. Tracking my eating. I know how to journal. Its just a matter of actually doing it.

And last but not least:

6. Be more adventurous! I want to travel more, see more, and do more. No plan on that yet, but things are coming together...


Even though we make these goals, I think the most important thing to remember is to have a Happy and Healthy Year!


  1. I think these goals are great Adriana! I really should borrow your "eat out only once a week," but that seems tough! Rest assured, I won't let you forget these goals by January! :)

  2. Hey the grading thing gets easier as the years go! I totally agree with u on that. I decided that as of last year I wasn't going to bring anything home. When I do it just travels back and forth!!