Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good, Better, Best…You Know the Rest

With 2011 right around the corner, it seemed as good a time as any to make some changes and plans.  I had a great year, but there are some changes I'd like to make. I realize many people consider New Year’s Resolutions to be lame or daunting, and most resolutions are generally forgotten by February 1st. Not me. I love them. While I realize a fresh start can happen at any time, there is something so comforting about knowing bad habits are behind you and the future is wide open.  

I think that the reason a lot of people don’t succeed at (and inevitably decide that they hate) New Year’s resolutions is because they are not setting achievable goals. I make a numbered list of resolutions. If the list becomes too long or too vague, it morphs from a plan for the future, into a hope for the future. Keep it as a plan…something you WILL do. Additionally, when making resolutions, I try to evaluate and combat possible excuses (which, as you’ll notice below, includes admitting when you have made excuses in the past, to avoid doing something similar in the future). I can see now that this post is going to give you yet another glimpse into my personal neurosis.

One of my main resolutions for 2010 was to cut our ALL soda. Done and Done. What is great about that resolution is that it was something that seemed so impossible. I was THE soda queen. Cutting out soda cold turkey and completely was a success in 2010. With that success will come the expectation and (hopefully) achievement of further successes in the coming year.

While I’m not hoping for any miracles in 2011, I do plan to continue to work on improving my emotional, mental, and physical health with the New Year.

Simply put – keep getting better.

So how do I plan to get “better”?

1.     Finally incorporate Clean Eating into my overall lifestyle
·      I’ve read the books, magazines, and articles. I have made recipes. I really have no excuse not to make this lifestyle change, other than pure laziness…. and that is not my style.
·      This is #1 for a reason. Remember that. Stay focused.

2.     Complete the “Whittle my Middle” – 30 day Challenge in January
·      Take before and after pictures to see any progress
·      Do with husband for encouragement and habit

3.     Complete a triathlon
·      Shin splints and knee pain sidelined training in 2010. Stretch properly when training to avoid flare-ups. 
·     Work with and stick to an appropriate training schedule

4.     Read a book on and develop a working knowledge of Photoshop CS5
·      Avoid using action sets when possible

5.   Spend more time scrapbooking
·      It clears my head and sparks creativity 

6.     Combat wanderlust – travel somewhere new and incredible with my husband in 2011
·      Make time for it.

- December 2010-
Happy. Healthy. Constantly Improving Overall. 
-In 2011-
Keep it up. Work Hard. Be My Best. 


Do you like New Year’s resolutions? 
Will you be making any for 2011?

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  1. Meg - cutting soda in 2010 should prove to you that with willpower, you can do anything.

    You should join You can track your food & find others who want to complete their first, or another triathlon. It's good to have a community of like minded people out there who can help give you advice and help you stay on track. I joined two years ago and it was definitely a huge stepping stone in my fitness journey.

  2. thanks girl! i actually do use sparkpeople, but i need to get better about it. i hadn't thought of checking for others doing triathlons.