Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Help...

When I checked my email this morning, I had a message from Weight Watchers: Come back and you can get a month free on the Monthly Pass.

For those of you who don't know, the Monthly Pass is a pass that allows you to attend unlimited meetings and have access to the Weight Watchers website (eTools). Weight Watchers has several different payment methods, but I like the Monthly Pass because you pay once a month ($40) and works out cheaper than pay-as-go.

It was like Weight Watchers was reading my mind. With the summer ending and school starting, my eating and exercise habits have been horrible!! I could blame stress...heck, I could blame a lot of things, but the truth is, I can only blame myself. And my laziness.
I know that different people follow different weight loss/maintenance plans. I subscribe to the Weight Watchers mentality because it fits my lifestyle. I like the flexibility of the points system and feeling like I am not on a diet (remember that this is a lifestyle change,...).

What works for you? How do you manage to "stay on plan" through the stress? I'm not asking rhetorically, I really want to know. Fill me in on what keeps you going...

Meanwhile, I will go back to my Weight Watchers meetings (I actually really enjoy them, I have a really funny leader) and work on my goals (one of which is to reach my goal weight by March, just before Spring Break. Wish me luck!)

*Weight Watchers has not asked me to advertise for them. I just like their program.


  1. since the sidedish to my soup entree was doritos and dip, i'm not sure i'm exactly the perfect person to say anything right now. HOWEVER, i have found that vigilant recording of my food (i use My Food Diary) makes all the difference in the world. even when i'm not eating everything that i should, i feel like i know where i'm at and can make wiser decisions when i am recording exactly what i'm eating. without that discipline, i forget what i put in my mouth and end up FAR over my calorie counts at the end of the day.

    i have been SUPER vigilant about this over the past month, and i have been really successful (right now, all i'm doing is maintaining, but since that's my goal, i am superpleased). i have a target in my head, and seeing it all in black and white helps me budget my calories and still leave room for the unexpected cravings (i.e. doritos? really? i don't even really love them that much).

  2. I too loved doing WW. It fit me. This week I got a flier in the mail from them and haven't even opened it. Working out regularly helps, but lately I've been LAZY and sick (which helped kick start my weight loss plan). Having less of an appetite is nice. Now I just need to continue with smaller portions and start WW & regular exersize, then I'll be in great shape (no pun intended)!

  3. im right there with teachergirl. i use sparkpeople (when i'm being "good") and journal everything that i eat. it really helps. even when you are snacking or eating too many buffalo wings, i feel better seeing it. it reminds me to get my butt back into gear.