Saturday, September 4, 2010

For Parents and Lazy Chefs

I found the most fabulous thing at Publix this week - (healthy!) Deli Kid's Meals! These things are great. They seem perfect for parents on the go or those too lazy to pack their own lunch for work/school.

The hubs and I were picking up some stuff for dinner the other night and we spotted these awesome little packs. He and I were chatting about how they would even be good for quick and easy lunches for us. I picked one up Wednesday morning on the way to work and it was great!

The options that I saw included:

Turkey: Publix oven roasted turkey breast on a honey wheat roll, apple and grape packet, mini raisins and organic white milk.
Peanut Butter: Creamy peanut butter on a honey wheat roll, string cheese, organic apple sauce, mini carrots and a fruit drink.
Chicken Tenders: Publix Deli chicken tenders on a honey wheat roll, mini carrots, yogurt and a fruit drink.
Peanut Butter Apple Wrap: Creamy peanut butter with apples in a multigrain wrap, string cheese, mini carrots, yogurt and a fruit drink.
Ham Sandwich: Publix ham on a white sandwich thin, mini carrots, yogurt and apple juice.

I tried the Peanut Butter box and it was really good. I'm not a fan of string cheese or apple sauce, but I traded them lunchroom style at the office :) I think I 'll try the chicken tenders next.


  1. Found your blog on HLB and had to tell you how much I like the theme! I live in Fort Lauderdale so I love seeing all the Publix stuff I can actually get. I'll be adding you to my google reader.

  2. one hundred percent wanted to buy every single one of these when i saw them a few weeks ago, but grappled with the convenience cost. i'm so excited someone else is doing it! maybe i'll feel less guilty next time. :)

  3. @Elizabeth - Thanks for coming over to check us out from HLB!

    @Teachergirl - My time is worth money :) Plus, they are only $3.99 and right now they have a coupon in the store for $1 off/two. $3.50 for a healthy easy lunch...totally worth it in my book.