Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hobbies to Keep Healthy

I noticed a theme with Ashlee and Teachergirl’s posts this week…did you? Talk about two ladies with a lot of new challenges on their plates, but as usual, they are both taking it in strides and like champs. With challenges, as Ashlee mentioned on Monday, often comes stress.

Avoiding overindulgences (cheesecake anyone?) isn’t the only way we need to remember to keep healthy. Mental health is an important factor in our overall health - and letting stress overtake us is a big no-no. The only thing I can do on days like today -- when I left at 7am, had class, ran errands, worked from my laptop, and then had three separate meetings for various volunteer projects, only to return to house full of guests (that I forgot were coming over) at 8:30pm -- is remind myself that there is fun on the horizon. Hobbies clear my head and combat the exhaustion when that “I’m drowning” feeling starts to set it.

I know it’s hard to think about hobbies when your plate is full and your mind is tired. Hobbies and good times are the first thing to fall by the wayside when demands take over your life. But hobbies are important to mental health, and mental health is important to overall health. It’s something you have GOT to make time for.

I’ll share a few of my hobbies, but as with exercise, find something you love and will enjoy doing. I guarantee that some “me time” will make all the difference in how you feel and how you handle life’s stressors.

One of my favorite go-to stress relievers - scrapbooking. I learned from the best (my mom!) and have been doing it for something like 15 years now. On the rare occasion that my mom and I are going to have an afternoon off on the same day, I like to make the drive up to her house to spend the afternoon scrapping and gabbing.

As I am sure I’ve mentioned, I LOVE to travel. My husband and I are known for dropping everything for a spontaneous weekend away. It’s something we love to do, so we try to make room in our budget for trips as often as possible. I’ve read that couples that travel together have happier marriages and I certainly believe it.

I also like to spend downtime doing online reading. I always try to give myself a few minutes a day to catch up on articles, newspapers, and blogs. I’ve never been much of a fiction girl (definitely strange for an English major), but I love to give my favorite sites a quick once over in the morning. How else would I find your Links to Health? ☺

I also have hobbies on the horizon this weekend. An art show and new restaurant date with my husband, the Alzheimer’s Memory walk, a religious event, and of course college football (A big game in our house. Hubs' team vs. Mine)!

Hobbies definitely help you to keep healthy. They give you something to look forward to…and help you get through the swamp.

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