Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Day...

Continuing on the "A Day in the Life..." series...

5:40am- The first time my alarm goes off. I turn it off and turn on the timer on my iPhone for 20 minutes (I need an initial wake up before I actually get out of bed)

6:00 am- Finally drag myself out of bed to get ready for the day

6:30 am- Breakfast of Quaker Oats High Fiber Oatmeal (Cinnamon Swirl) with 1/2 a banana and 1/2 a cup of milk. AND 1/2 an English muffin with 1 Tbsp of Whipped Peanut Butter (much better choice than regular peanut butter)

6:45 am- Leave for school, making sure to bring my water, lunch and snack (and all the grading I failed to do the night before. It is a daily failure)

8:19 am- School starts. Panic ensues as my students realize they are having a pop quiz. I love creating that feeling

10:59 am- Lunch! Sandwich made of Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread, ham, Laughing Cow light spreadable cheese, a little bit of Miracle Whip, and mustard. A Yoplait yogurt (Boston Creme Pie), and an apple. Sit and gossip with other English teachers about Jersey Shore, Biggest Loser and Glee.

3:01 pm- School ends, and I quickly eat my snack of grapes before heading to the Cyber Cafe (a computer lab at my school) to monitor students staying after school (of course, my students follow me, asking why they had a pop quiz, and what they can do to recover the grade. I love 10th graders)

5:30 pm- Head home, bringing papers to grade...we all know what happens there... And for a snack I have string cheese (miraculously, papers are graded. Amazing!)

7:00 pm- Dinner!! 1 cup of brown rice and 4 oz of chicken, mixed together with a curry sauce from Trader Joe's. I always have extra, which works well for lunch the next day. Dessert consisted of a Weight Watchers dessert.

11 pm: Collapse in bed (dreaming of my students and the darn pop quiz)

Things to improve on:
1. EXERCISE!! I am thinking that I need to go to the gym right after work, because once I am home, I am done.
2. Lack of veggies in my diet. I love fruit, but veggies and I don't really mix that well.
3. Sleep. I need more.
4. Organization with grading papers. Its only going to get worse.

Any other suggesting??


  1. can you grade papers when you are monitoring students? what do you do between the hours of 7 & 10pm? You should def hit the gym before you get home. im the same.. if i get home, im not leaving!

  2. i always have to hit the gym before i eat dinner or i end up too tired. i have a small snack about 5:30 or 6:00 and then head to the gym. it makes my dinner a little later (which isn't always the best) but i get the workout in!

    you just have to find what suits you best.

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  4. to add more veggies in your diet, skip the bread. make a low calorie chicken salad or tuna salad and eat it with celery and cucumber sticks. when i'm really on the ball, i make chicken salad in the food processor with onion and celery. it's a mix that won't leave you feeling like you just ate a serving of veggies, but you did! to top it off eat with alfalfa sprouts, a fresh change to lettuce and full of vitamin B good for warding off craming (from the gym or from morther nature)