Monday, September 27, 2010

Stress Management Tips

Well I'm back. And my world as I knew it has been completely turned upside down. Almost three weeks ago, we welcomed Avery Rose into the world. She weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and was 22 inches long.

Wow! Things are very different with two babies. I definitely have some learning to do and have been asking all the mommies of two or more I know. My biggest struggle has been figuring out how to keep my cool since the stress in our house has increased about ten fold.

Here are a few things that I've learned so far...

1. When you feel in the dumps (physically, mentally, or all of the above), don't forego everything and end up a bump on the log. Try to maintain a couple of your daily tasks--dishes, laundry, making the bed, whatever. It's hard to feel bad about for yourself when you can look at your day and say that you accomplished something.

2. Be sure to drink lots of water. This will help fend off stress related headaches. Plus I've noticed that when I'm thirsty I am a lot more irritable.

3. Take your vitamins, include some extra Vitamin C. Stress has been known to weaken your immune system, so protect yourself and your family with some C.

4. Don't make any plans you can't break. Whether you just had a baby or you're working to finish a project for school or work, when you know you're entering a stressful time, try to avoid making plans you can't break. This will reduce the added stress if you need to reschedule.

5. Sleep.

6. Take a walk.

7. Finally, laugh. Laughter reduces stress and can lower your blood pressure. Fake it if you have to. Chances are that your fake laughing will be so ridiculous that it won't be fake for long.


  1. i love these tips. they're basic, but so true. i hope that you are finding your way--i'm so impressed that you manage so much! we're glad you're back, and very glad that beautiful avery came to your family.

  2. My mom always told me to do at least the dishes and one load of laundry every day so that I don't feel completely snowed under and with my youngest being twins that was considered quite an accomplishment in itself! Don't worry about what others think and always accept help when offered!!

  3. Thanks for this valuable tips to release stress..i feel these days stress is talked more. Stress come hard at you when you can't handle the pressure of life. Your what you do! anyways thanks

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