Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day in the Life

Day In the Life

Similar to Carrie, I’m going to give you glimpse into a day in my world. There isn’t anything too interesting going on, just a normal Wednesday in Gator country.

Forgive the fact that I’m about to be totally blunt about my awful eating habits yesterday. I guess the idea is to be truthful…


I wake up all of 60 minutes before I have to be at work. I definitely need to work on getting to bed on time so I can wake up early and ready to start the day. I get a bottle of water and head out the door.

I pick up a fruit salad from the grocery store on the way to work (I’m an on-the-go type girl…but we all know that). I like quick and easy. A smarter and more financially minded girl would cut her own fruit and put it in Tupperware the night before…but this morning stop at Publix is an occurrence more often than I would like to admit.


I arrive at the office for a 9:00am client only to realize that said client isn’t arriving until 1:00pm. Perhaps I should have double-checked my appointments last night (wasn’t it me that was showing you all my calendar a few weeks ago?). I decide to stay and work on some files rather than head back home (where I would inevitably watch a rerun of Gilmore Girls I had seen 50 times and accomplish nothing all morning).


I start to get hungry but don’t want to lose momentum at work. I decide to go for old trusty – a chocolate covered granola bar. I have a stash in my desk drawer. Mmmm… Sugary delight. This ought to keep me satisfied for twenty minutes or so.


Hungry again. But my client will be here at 1:00pm, so I don’t really want to go pick up food. I start digging through the desk drawer again and find a heat up serving of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup. I usually try and have a healthy vegetable or something with something quite so sodium-laden, but alas…no options.

Having a trying afternoon at work and I’m starting to hit that 3:00pm wall. I decide to have some cashews. I figured out a long time ago that one capful equals about one serving, so I’m able to avoid totally overindulging on this healthy fat.


I head to the gym for some strength training and a short session on the elliptical. I was definitely in a workout funk and wasn’t totally feeling it, but I knew I would have trouble getting workouts in this weekend. I try to finish strong and head home.

The hubs had a meeting for school this evening, so I’m on my own for dinner. I heat up some frozen chicken and veggies.


So I think it’s clear I need to work on a few things (who doesn’t ?):
·      Getting more sleep and waking up early and prepared to start the day
·      Prepare breakfast and healthy snacks in advance so I don’t have to search for convenience foods
·      Making sure I have good options for meals when I can’t get away from the office
·      Read my calendar to make sure I don’t go to work when I don’t need to!


  1. i kept reading waiting for you to say you ate half a cheese pizza, since you said your bad eating habits would be featured.

    but then i realized that that's ME, not you.

    you're doing GREAT, although anything that allows you to be less stressful is good.

  2. haha! no my meals have included a chocolate croissant for breakfast, shark fruit snacks, and a giant mrs. fields cookie.

  3. When you said awful eating habits I thought I might see some McNuggets or something! You're still the best ever.

  4. @kelli
    don't worry, i ate mcnuggets the night before!

    i just meant having random tiny non-nutritional meals throughout the day was bad. haha

  5. no wonder you were too tired to do anything at the gym. where were your complex carbs all day? where was the protein? i know satdurdays are totally off limits, but girl, you need to wake up sunday morning and PREPARE!!!! If you know what changes you need to make, why dont you make them?? why be so-so when you can challenge yourself to be the best you can be?!

  6. @ thegetinshapegirl:

    i know! i actually read your post on preparation this morning and told myself i was going to do that this week. i need to get on point. when i don't have anything prepared...i turn to pre-prepared/pre-packaged. i need to avoid doing that.

    maybe i'll do a "day in the life" do over :)

  7. do it over on monday. the minute i read that you were in a hurry so you stopped by pubix, i was thinking.. what???? if you grab & go from your fridge then its way faster than stopping at publix. (however i am way jealous you get to go to publix! haha)