Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i have nothing of substance to say today, which those of you used to my long-winded posts might be surprised about.  i have no words of wisdom, and i'm certainly not going to tell you that my lunch consisted of taco bell and cookies (ahem. dang. i already did.). 

i am, however, going to give you a little snapshot into the rewards for keeping your eye on your health, for keeping the sum total of your actions on the side of good rather than fruitless.

today, i had my 17 week appointment with the ob. 

my blood pressure was stellar.  this is from someone who started out, perhaps because of nerves, with elevated blood pressure. it has only gone down, and is now completely, insanely normal every single time i go into the office.  when i see those numbers, i am always inordinately pleased.

and to venture into the realm of too much information, my urine sample was completely free of protein and sugar, meaning that whatever i'm doing is good.  for someone at risk for gestational diabetes because of family history, this is always spectacular news.

when my doctor looked at my chart, he said "your weight looks good" in passing, like that was no big deal. i don't think i've ever, ever had a doctor say that to me.  that might have been the best thing.

what's my point, other than sharing too much information with you via the internet?

small decisions lead to big consequences.  the small things you do make great things come to pass. 

even when they're not results you thought you wanted to see or that you thought were that important, it's the little things that matter every day.  they DO count and they DO add up.  it's the small things that are the hardest, but they're the ones that matter most. 

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