Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little squash

Have you ever tried spaghetti squash?


Do you know what you are missing??

Allow me to take you on a tour of how to cut and cook a spaghetti squash. Not for the faint of heart, you will need to start with a sharp knife and a cutting board.

Cut the squash in half length wise.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

Put the squash pieces face down on a cookie sheet and cook for about 45 minutes (you want the inside to be soft, and the outside to look golden. Sometimes it takes a little longer. This squash took an hour).

Scoop out the seeds and and scoop out the pulp (it will be stringy, like noodles)

Put the pulp in a dish and add your favorite spaghetti sauce (I like to add a little Parmesan cheese...)


The best part of spaghetti squash is that for a cup, it is only
42 calories
0g of fat
2g of fiber

I love it when things work in my favor!!


  1. Looks yummy! I have been meaning to try spaghetti squash and have one sitting in my pantry... I'll have to give it a go :-)

  2. I see that it looks the same as noodles, does it have the same consistency/texture?

  3. It has a little bit of a nutty taste. It doesn't have the same texture as noodle (I don't want to fool you into thinking that) but adds a new spill to spaghetti...

  4. I love, love, loooove spaghetti squash! Too bad they don't have it in Oz (but they do eat lots of baked pumpkin, which I like). I actually don't like it with sauce, I prefer a straight mix of salt, pepper, butter, and parmesan.

    I also make my life a little easier by cooking it in the microwave: scoop out the seeds first, add a couple tablespoons of water and cover with paper towel/saran wrap and cook on high for 10 min or so. Only 1/2 at a time, of course. I know that nukers often give things funky textures, but it works great in this case!