Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i am thankful for miracles.

when we decided that this week we should focus on what we are grateful for, i was totally onboard. i don't do enough of the counting my blessings in my daily life, and i have no doubt that most of you would agree. it's rare to have those pure moments where life stops and you are able to take stock of just how wonderful and blessed you are.

i had one of those moments yesterday.

we had our 20 week ultrasound, and found out we are having a baby girl.

while that news is wonderfully exciting and terribly daunting (a girl! she'll, like, want to be like me! or hate me! or both! game on.), what i couldn't get over was the wondrousness of the human body.  seeing it, not yet completely formed but still perfect, in utero was one of the most majestic scenes i've ever seen.

as i was watching her perfect spine, measurements of her brain and her femur, a sweet little moment when we watched her practice sucking, and being both completely awed  and frustrated by her doggedly modest placement of her feet as we were trying to determine whether she was a she, i just kept thinking that our bodies are miracles.

as women, we are so blessed to have the capacity to nurture life.  yes, we have a great responsibility, and i'm so grateful for the knowledge of physical health and well-being that has made my pregnancy thus far uneventful.  but really? the body is a miracle, and babies are a miracle.  a little person, entirely dependent on me but yet doing all of these marvelous things that make it clear that i have no hand whatsoever in any of this, lives inside me for now.  it's amazing.

there's no way i can really put it into words. i keep trying, and i keep failing, and so i think maybe i'll leave it at this: i'm grateful to be healthy, to have worked as hard as i have to get where i am, and for the miracle that we will welcome in april. i'm very grateful that she is healthy and perfect and growing exactly as she should.  i am grateful for all the times i have to pee during the night and the backaches and the appetite the size of texas, because it means that Baby Girl is growing well and doing all she should. 

i am grateful that all that happens, practically, like a well-oiled machine.  

and i am very grateful for a Heavenly Father who created me, and her, and her daddy, and all of us, in His image--and then created a plan whereby we could taste a fraction of His joy in that creation. 

may you all take stock in the majesty around you and in the little miracles that surround you everyday. 

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