Monday, November 8, 2010

Couch to 5k

Have you ever heard of this program? Meghan, our very own SMMWR workout diva, told me about the program when I was pregnant with Avery. I knew I definitely qualified for the "couch" part in "couch to 5k," so I was intrigued.

I never cared for exercising. I would rather follow a very strict diet to lose weight. That used to work for me. Then I had kids. Things have changed, especially now that I'm nursing. I can't diet like I used to because my body needs lots of calories to make milk. So it's either hit the pavement or hit the gym.

I chose the pavement.

The Couch to 5k program promises to take me from the couch to a 5k run (3.1 miles) in 9 weeks in 3 workouts a week. That is astounding to me. My mom was a trophy-winning marathon runner and president of our town's track club. She tried countless times to help me "learn to run," but I just never got to the point where I liked it or where it was fun in any way. I hated it.

The way this program works is by a lot of walk/run intervals, timed so that you don't over do it. Each week, your workout changes as you change.

I'm using the iPhone app (it was $2.99) along with Nike+GPS ($1.99). The app is great because it tells me through my headphones when to walk, run, and stop. The Nike app uses GPS to chart my course, pace, distance, and calories burned. Isn't technology great?

Today was my first workout. I walked/ran 2 miles in 31 minutes. I learned something with this workout...

I. Am. So. Soooo. Out. Of. Shape.

I now have an appreciation for what those Biggest Loser contestants are going through. But I did it. I ran when it told me to and didn't stop until it said so. I'm one workout closer to a 5k, and to a healthier me (and hopefully a wearing-my-old-jeans me).


Do you remember when Meghan posted about the Green Monster smoothie? Go check it out here. I tried it and it's awesome! You really can't taste the spinach and I'm so happy to say that I'm consuming spinach, just about every day. Woohoo!!


  1. #1. You are making me want to try this program again.
    #2. I loved having something to tell me when to run/walk so that I didn't have to pay attention to a watch.
    #3. I read a quote the other day that perfectly defines my attitude toward running (and why I probably need to do this program again): "I really hate running. I think I'd only run if my life was somehow in danger. But even then it'd be questionable."
    #4. You are a rockstar!
    #5. I like lists.

  2. I tried this program years ago and was really successful. Until my knees gave out (dang ACL!)
    Maybe I will try again...and I love the apps that help!

  3. Just keep practicing & keep breathing. eventually it WILL get easier. i promise. i remember my first mile that i ran without stopping. i was so excited. now i could do that drunk. it WILL get easier. just keep at it.