Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to "Tri" Training

As I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution post, this is the year I hope to complete a triathlon. Because I had set an early year goal of doing the Whittle My Middle program and I want to try a race before we hit fall and the water is too cold, I decided February would be a good time to start training. By the way, if you are looking for an awesome abdominal workout, be sure to try Whittle My Middle! I am going to keep doing it another month, because it’s a quick nightly punch in the abs and I definitely feel the results. Hopefully, at some point I’ll also be able to see the results!

Now back to the triathlon training. Luckily, I already have a pretty nice bike (thanks dad!), access to a heated pool at the gym, and while my running shoes are on their last leg, I can make them work for the time being. I definitely need to get some new ones soon though, especially since I’m trying to avoid shin splint flare-ups. I also ordered a heart rate monitor which I'm hoping will arrive tomorrow. Speaking of hearts and tomorrow - Tomorrow is "National Wear Red Day" for heart health awareness! Don't forget!

I really keep getting off track today, don't I? Oh well, ab workouts and heart health are important! Anyhow, I got a book on triathlons and have reviewed the training program therein, as well as another beginners program I found online (along with dozens of other random online resources). There seemed to be good aspects to both programs, so I decided to combine them. The training plan includes multiple days of running, biking, and swimming each week. Eventually, “brick” workouts will also be added. Brick workouts combine at least two of the workout types to get me accustomed to doing multiple things in a short period. Did you realize that some people experience dizziness/vertigo when transitioning from the swim to the bike portion? Yeah, me neither…and it’s something I hope to avoid come race day.

With that, I am starting my training on Monday! My “plan” is to do the triathlon training, with some pushup sessions and strength workouts mixed in each week. I put plan in quotes because that is what I'd consider the ideal situation. The training will come first and that is my overall goal. Any extra strength workouts will be a bonus, because I am trying to avoid burning out or overloading myself.

It's about twelve weeks of training, with a week off halfway through for an anniversary vacation my husband and I have in the works. I have a race in mind, but I haven’t committed to paying the entry fee yet because I have to do an internship this summer and I want to be sure the dates won’t conflict.

Have you ever done a triathlon? Any words of wisdom?

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  1. Have you been fitted to your running shoes? wearing the right running shoes may help w/ your shin splint issues.

  2. I've done one! It was a few years ago and it was a mini...but I loved it and felt such a sense of accomplishment afterwards! I don't have much advice - I just kind of made my own program up, just trying to increase endurance every time. Of course, it's a lot of "mind over matter". I would definitely agree with the comment above and get good shoes though :). But good for you and good luck!!!

  3. @thegetinshapegirl - I haven't. I know I need to though! If only shoes from a specialty running store weren't so expensive.

    @Alina - The one I am planning on doing is a sprint. My main goal right now is just completing it. :) Thanks for the encouragement!