Friday, February 4, 2011

Maximize your function!!

We are so excited to announce that we have a new Friday contributor! She posted in January and we were very impressed with what she had to say...without further is Alina!

Oh...this is very exciting to me! Aside from my guest post last month, this is my first time "blogging". And I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all you girls who are including me in this endeavor!

I'd like to start off by explaining a little more of what I do professionally and how I have tried to translate that into my own life. You can read my profile for more info about myself, but I am a physical therapist, or "PT". Most everyone thinks of massages or painful exercises when they think about PT, but my job in an acute trauma hospital is a little different...

Physical therapy can be a quite challenging when you just got out of surgery that morning...or when you broke both arms and both legs...or when you got shot in the back (yeah, in Houston we see a lot of those actually)...or when you have cancer and the chemo is making you sooo tired...

We PTs at the hospital focus on the basics - getting out of bed, sitting up for 15 minutes, going to the bathroom by yourself, taking a walk in the hallway, going up a flight of stairs...

I share this because my job has taught me quite a bit. I've learned to be more:

1) GRATEFUL - When I really stop to think about it, it is a sheer miracle that my body is working as well as it does. There are a TON of systems that have to work together so perfectly or you can be in big trouble. It makes me want to take care of this great gift we've been given.

2) RESOURCEFUL - At a county hospital, we don't have a lot of fancy or expensive gadgets. You have to use what you've got. I always look longingly at this awesome fitness center down the road, but I can't afford a membership right now. However, I can seriously (if I'm motivated enough) give myself a kick butt work out - without equipment or even a lot of time. There are ideas everywhere - internet, magazines...I like to ask my friends if they have a favorite exercise and then try it out. Next week I plan to post my most favorite and (in my opinion) efficient exercises.

3)CREATIVE - When something doesn't work, try something else. When a patient can't stand up all the way by themselves, I'll have them scoot up and down the bed. If I don't have time to to go for a walk, I can do 3 strength exercises in about 15mins (without getting very sweaty!). Instead of going out for ice cream with one of my girlfriends to catch up, how about a long walk? I think there are always ways to fit your health in and something is always better than nothing.

Work will always be work, and of course, there are aspects of my job that I could definitely live without. But helping people accomplish their goals and maximize their function (no matter what that level of function is) is pretty rewarding. I'm still working on the above mentioned characteristics, but I know that when I feel I'm "maximizing my function" I am enjoying life to the fullest!

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  1. Welcome Alina! Excited to have you as a new contributor!