Friday, February 11, 2011

Simple and Effective Exercises

Well, as promised, I've compiled this small list of my favorite simple and effective exercises. Now, these are SUPER basic but almost anyone can do them at almost anytime and at almost any place.

1. WALKING - Don't underestimate the power of walking. Plain and simple, It's just good for you. Some ways to sneak more in include: parking far away at stores on purpose, going on a walk to catch up with a good friend, walking to the local drug store instead of driving, even not using the moving walkways at the airport. Maybe you've heard some of these tips before and if you have others, please share!

2. Stair climbing - Stairs are awesome for your legs! Make sure you're keeping your back straight (not leaning too far forward), put your whole foot on the step, and actually think about squeezing your butt to push up AND voila!, you'll be burning in no time. I know it's super easy to take the elevator, but why not squeeze in a mini-workout when you get a chance?

3. Level 1 Abs - I actually don't know what else you call these, this is what we called them when I was working with a PT who specialized in treating low back pain. When a patient couldn't do anything else, they could at least do this: make sure your back is straight and think about pulling your belly button into your spine and you'll feel all your stomach muscles tighten up, like you're bracing for someone to punch you in the stomach. Hold it like that for 10 seconds, 10 times. Don't just hold your breath, you should be able to breathe while doing this. You can do this sitting, standing, lying down, driving, in a waiting get the idea...

4. Push ups - This works so many muscles! Start small. You can put yourself a couple feet from a wall and push up on it, then progress to a table - each time making your body more and more horizontal. Then of course, there are "girl" push ups when you are on your knees. Then, heck, try maybe one or two "real" push-ups. Always remember to keep your back straight and tummy tight!

5. Lunges - Similar rules as stairs. Just make sure that when you bend your knee, you don't see it go past your toes. It's more of an up-and-down motion vs. a front-to-back motion. Put your hands behind your head to involve your core more.

So these are my favorites and they really just take a little bit of effort to include into everyday life. What are some of your favorite exercises??


  1. After reading this I went to put my toddler down for a nap and noticed I takes the stairs on the balls of my feet. I should be using my whole foot? Why is that?

  2. good question - I do too when I'm not thinking about it. You just use a different set a muscles. When you do that you're using more of your quadriceps muscles in the front. Using your whole foot causes you stand a little straighter and push up with your gluts. I'm not super smart with the biomechanics of if all, but it has to do with force vectors and stuff like that...anyways, either way you're using good muscles!

  3. It depends on which muscles you want to target. There's nothing wrong with wanting to target either, but I can tell you that taking stairs, two at a time, and pressing through your heels is an excellent way to create a better booty! I tell all my clients to view stairs as an opportunity to get a better butt!

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