Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've been bad.

My mom's birthday was this past weekend and I flew down to Miami to celebrate with her. 
(Me and my mom in Cinque Terre a few years ago)

Bad idea.

When I arrived, we had hot cocoa night (this is when my family and a few select friends get together and we have hot cocoa together. It  includes Cuban bread being dipped into the hot cocoa), which would not be so bad if we had not included two birthday cakes for my mom. Shame. 

The next morning Mom and I went to Starbucks and shared a banana chocolate low fat muffin thing and then went to Five Guys for lunch with my friend Laura and her daughter Abby. The day ended with us going to a Mexican restaurant with Laura's family (three appetizers, two desserts). 

The next day was breakfast at The Original House of Pancakes with my mom and my stepdad, lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and dinner consisted of leftovers from lunch. Let's not forget that I had baked during the day and made cheesecake brownies and my famous Turducken cupcakes. 

Sunday was calm, normal breakfast, normal lunch and then dinner at my aunt's house, Chinese Fried Rice and egg rolls. And the brownies and cupcakes I made the day before. 

In all, very bad. 

You may be asking yourself why I confessing this all to you (I am asking myself the same question)...

I need to remind myself that I am not perfect (duh). There will be times that I slip up and there will be times when I will eat my feelings (both good and bad). And that's okay because I am human. This whole healthy living deal has to allow for this because if it doesn't, I am doomed to failure. All I can do is try.

The weeks and months that I eat really really well will be celebrated with manicures and haircuts and new clothes. But I cannot beat myself up for having a weekend of indulgence (although it will be extra painful when I tell my personal trainer). 

Moral of the story: do as I say, not as I do (but if you do do as I do, don't beat yourself up).


  1. oh i love this post, because i SO relate.

    when i took out the week's trash on monday, the carnage of two pizza nights in our house made me feel more than a little sheepish. granted, my dear garbage disposal husband ate much of it, but i did my fair share. the ice cream in my freezer testifies to this as well.


    it's all about balance. and i think the most important thing of all of this is recognizing what we do, truthfully. if we know we had a bad week, that's better than eating unconsciously. if we know we're eating too much ice cream because we're tired or scared or anxious or stressed, that's better than not realizing it at all.

    we ARE all human, and this human experience is meant to be learned line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept. if we were meant to get it all in one day, we'd be here for a lot fewer years.

    (truth be told, i think a weekend (or a week...) of indulgence can be good for the soul after weeks and weeks and weeks of superdiligence. it might set you back a little, but sometimes it makes you realize that, hey, there's a place for this stuff too.)

    in short, i think you're awesome. you look fantastic, and i desperately want to know what turducken cupcakes are.

  2. nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, especially if it's occasional and you don't form bad habits. Sounds like you had a great trip though!