Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to Traveling

I realized on Thursday that I forgot to announce the winner of the Jillian Michaels' DVD that I wanted to give away....

And the winner is....(drum roll please)


(please email me on facebook and let me know the easiest way to get it to you)

Congrats! I am sure that Jenny will love the pain that it causes her muscles.

In other news....

The Traveling Season is upon us!
My traveling plans for the next few months are coming together nicely. This is what I am preparing for:

New York- February 18-20
Pittsburgh- March 11-13
San Diego- March 23-26
Gainesville/Miami- April 16-21
Deep Creek Lake- May 27-30
Barcelona/London/Paris- End of June through early August

When I started writing for this blog, part of what I wanted to contribute was the idea that traveling and sticking to your goals of "healthy living" was completely doable. Traveling is what I do, give me a destination and I am off. (I get that from my grandparents, who went to Europe twenty-something times). But I cannot be sidetracked by this thing that I love, like I was last week (I know, I know, it was a celebration...blah blah blah). 

So, as we embark upon the traveling season (my first trip starts on Friday!) I will fill you in on how I am able to get my exercise in and keep my eating habits in check (that includes getting all my fruits and veggies in and making sure not to over-eat!) 
I will also include a picture or two...
(Wouldn't it be great if we still put stamps on our luggage?)

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  1. ahhh, no wonder I missed this. The CR was up last week and I put in way too many hours at the office and fell behind on my leisurely reading :)