Thursday, March 3, 2011

When You Choose to Lose

I had all these fabulous plans for numerous workouts and perfected eating over the past seven days, because I know that next week will be spotty due to anniversary and vacation plans.

I got in one workout in the last week.

I had fried ice cream for dinner last night and Girl Scout cookies for breakfast today.


·      When the glorious spring we are having in Florida brings frequent weather changes…and those frequent weather changes, bring migraines to Meg.
o   Two in the last week. One of which left me sick in the bathroom at work.
·      When that dang pollen (that seems to be EVERYWHERE) causes incessant sneezing, itchy eyes, and dull daily headaches.
·      When big brother, who has always lived a stones throw away (if not in the same house), finds out he is moving to Chicago. This weekend.
·      When a research study goes against all plans and exams seem so tough.
·      When dad is bit by brown widow.
·      When decisions need to be made and work files pile up.

When these things happen, my week can get away from me. I’m not using these things to justify my deep fried and lazy decisions. I know I could have fit in workouts and planned eating if I really tried. But sometimes, I choose to just let the week win...and I choose not to beat myself up about it.  

Fresh starts abound….and we know I’m all about the fresh start.

 A picture from a farewell dinner tonight with my brother.
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  1. I'm so sorry, Meghan. That's a ton to deal with in one week. At least you'll have a good break from it all with your man to celebrate 2 years! Woo!

  2. Sometimes it's easy to think "just this one tiny bite won't do much harm," but unfortunately, those bites add up and had you made every single bite count, you would be raving about how proud you are! it's hard though girl.. training for this comp I need to be confident about every single bite I take.. and those bites of dark chocolate just aren't going to get me in first place.

  3. You know what, Meghan? I think the recognition of the fact that some weeks are just losing weeks (and some REALLY are) is a victory unto itself. And I think that it's as important, in staying healthy, to realize the need to regroup and reassess and recommit but to also not be so rigid in your approach to things to not forgive yourself a little humanity.

    You continue to be an amazing example to me. :)