Friday, March 25, 2011

Let the SUN shine in!

Well maybe it's because the sun has been shining all week here in Texas, but today I would like to sing praises to our bright ball of burning gas! There are good reasons I can't live in constantly rainy and cold places. I love the sun. It clears my skin, gives me color, boosts my mood, and gives me energy. At the hospital, if I have the opportunity, I try to take my patients outside to get some sun and fresh air - it is so revitalizing to them after being confined to a dark cold hospital room!

Plants need the sun to survive and so do humans. Of course with all the skin cancer precautions we do our best to avoid it or block it (and yes, by all means, please be cautious with extended sun exposure), but maybe we're doing too much of that. The sun is not to be feared but to be respected and yes, even loved :). This site nicely outlines some potential benefits of why sunlight is good for you:

There's also a lot of talk about the increasing prevalency of Vitamin D deficiency. Adequate nutrition and sunlight exposure are super important for health!

Probably the best thing I did today was chat with my mother outside in full sunlight after work instead of going home and lying on my bed. It felt wonderful and healthy. I say that everyone should (if weather permits) get your buns outside into the sun! (I'm a poet!! ho ho!)

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