Tuesday, March 29, 2011

celebrating small victories.

i realized today that i have not bought a donut in 2011.

this may not seem like a huge revelation to you, or even a huge accomplishment, but it's the thing that i have wanted to eat the most since i've been largely pregnant. every week, when i go to the grocery store, i look at them. my personal favorite is an apple fritter. our local grocery store makes a good one.  they sell them individually and they sell them in packs of four.

when i walk into the store, i walk by and look at them.  sometimes i have even picked them up.

but i have not yet purchased one, which means that i haven't eaten one.

that's not to say that i haven't eaten other ridiculous things, but somehow realizing that i have resisted that particular brand of my personal temptation is a huge victory to me.

today, i just wanted to write that down and say hooray a little, just for myself. 

what have you done well lately? what do you deserve a momentary celebration for?


in other news, i'm about 25 minutes away from having this baby (don't get alarmed--not really, but things are progressing, and i don't think it will be too terribly long), so i may not be around for a little while.  i'll trust that the ladies will let you know when our Baby Girl is born, and i'll be back with tales of new momhood and, most assuredly, some comedic stories of getting back into a workout routine. 

until then, thanks for your continued support of this little blog and, by proxy, of me.

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