Monday, March 7, 2011

spring break!

some of us are enjoying a little well-deserved vacation time with our husbands to celebrate anniversaries (happy anniversary, meghan!) or the impending arrival of new babies (5 weeks to go!), so we here at smmwr decided that we would declare this spring break for everyone!

your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go outside more often than you do and enjoy the weather, whatever it is, in your neck of the woods. rediscover an outdoor passion or transfer your normal treadmill workout to the sidewalks in your neighborhood.  strap a baby in a stroller and head to the park.  open the windows in your house and let the breeze blow in.  if you're at work, take a walk during your lunch break or roll the windows down as you drive home.

enjoy the beautiful world that we have been blessed with and do a little spring breaking in your own special way.  even if you're not free of your responsibilities, we hereby give you permission to pour some lemonade and put your feet up on a chair outside. 

you deserve it, and so do we.

we will be back next week with new posts, so don't leave us! and we expect you to be back with stories of how you made the most of your spring break.

be safe and be healthy!

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