Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slightly Clean. Mostly Dirty.

Following three fabulous ladies and their fabulous introductions. So….Much… Pressure. But isn’t that how it always is? As women we’re always finding ways to put pressure on ourselves. I certainly do. Family, school, work, fitness – all seemingly normal until I get a hold of them. That’s something I am working on though, not comparing myself against others, but instead comparing myself against me. Reaching my potential and all that mess. It’s a long-term goal and a work-in-progress. That is what you will learn quickly about me though; I like to have goals (but that doesn’t mean I am constantly finding clever and innovative ways to procrastinate moving towards those goals).

I guess I am getting ahead of myself though. I should probably tell you about me and my rockin little world before I jump into everything else. My name is Meghan and I am a mid-twenties (is 26 mid or late twenties? I can never decide) Florida girl. I am married to Allen, my best friend, my confidant, and the most hardcore sports fan I know. We have been married for about a year and a half and it has already been an incredible ride.

We dated for about three years before we got married and in that short time, he has slowly and cunningly converted me into his ideal Southern girl (country music, 4-wheel riding, skeet shooting, and all); that is, if Southern girls can still claim that they love saltwater in their hair and that palm trees make them feel at home.

I love traveling and college football (and especially traveling FOR college football).

Also, I’m always in training (for something). I have found that having a long-term goal to train for helps me stay disciplined (disciplined is different than motivated – but that’s a discussion for another day). Right now it’s a combination of things (100 Pushups and a Sprint Triathlon). I love strength training, decorating my house, and apparently (parentheses). I also like ellipses and slashes. But to the disgust of the person who signed my English degree (and Teachergirl! Hi Teachergirl!), I rarely…if ever…use any of those things properly. It’s my own personal form of rebellion against years of red pen.

Currently, I’m working on a Master of Public Health degree and I just took a new job working with a Rehabilitative Counselor. Similar to the other ladies, my adult life has been a constant internal battle with food, body image, and jean size. I am addicted to granola bars…but I tend to ignore the fact they are dipped in chocolate. Granola is healthy right?

This internal battle is part of the reason I am so excited about this collaboration. I truly believe in the strength of women, especially a group of women. I look forward to learning from one another.

I have several fitness related ambitions, but for now, I just focus on developing ways to keep it all interesting. I don’t like to get settled in a routine for too long and I am always more successful at things when I have an opportunity to help others.

Some of the posts you can expect from me will relate to fitness and strength training, eating clean (though I mostly eat dirty), setting health and fitness goals, and my many misadventures with cooking.


  1. This Southern girl thinks the best feeling is when you wash the salt water OUT of your hair.

    But palm trees do make me feel at home. =)

  2. your title is just awesome.

    and i didn't even notice your grammatical errors. you might note that my little rebellion is no punctuation. :)

  3. you are going to be my inspiration for training. I usually do really well the first 2 weeks. and then I die.

  4. Can't wait for more of your posts! I need to get in shape... BAD!

  5. thanks for all the sweet comments! love ya'll!

    ashlee - i feel awesome with sun on my skin and salt/sand in my hair. haha. that's more the palm beach girl than the southern girl in me though.

    teachergirl - haha i think the title describes me just as much as my eating habits. just kidding. sorta. :)

    adriana - thanks! i'll whip you into prime mode. nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment at the end.

    kelli - you probably need to just come visit for a while. that would help you get in shape!