Monday, February 20, 2012

Motivational tools

Above is a photo of my breakfast today. It was just so good that I had to share. In that bowl is oatmeal made with almond milk and topped with ground flax seeds, fat-free Greek yogurt, chopped almonds, blueberries and raspberries. Over all of that I drizzled a good amount of honey. Delicious, filling, and super healthy.

On to the topic of the day: motivational tools. While training for that Miami-to-Key West relay, my friends and I discovered DailyMile, a fantastic and simple motivational tool for all sorts of athletes. The site, which features a Twitter-style feed, was originally created by and for runners, but it soon expanded to include all sorts of athletic activities: swimming, cycling, rowing, yoga, weight training, and walking to name a few.

Whenever you do a workout, you log it, and it shows up in both your feed and those of your friends. Not only is it great for accountability, but it's also a fantastic place to get positive encouragement on those days when motivation is low. Friends can comment on your activities, so when you have a great workout they'll congratulate you, and when you've had a crummy day, they'll remind you that you're doing great and it'll get better tomorrow.

In addition to the motivational benefits, it's also an easy way to keep track of your workouts, which is important to be able to look back and see what kinds of workouts helped you get that PR and what might have, say, caused an injury.

So if you're having trouble staying on track with your exercise plan, I'd definitely recommend joining DailyMile with a few friends. With a little accountability and mutual encouragement, you'll be sure to reach your exercise goals.

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