Friday, February 24, 2012


My apologies for my lack of posting this week.

But in my defense, some major things happened.

1. Le Boyfriend was in town, and that always throws off my schedule

2. Le Boyfriend proposed to me, therefore becoming Le Fiancé

cue the happy dance

What better motivation do you need to get into shape than to fit into a wedding gown??

So I have been transitioning from getting fit to meet someone to get fit to keep the someone to get fit to marry the someone. 

This is exhausting. But a good exhausting. The kind that makes you want to accomplish your goal.

In preparation for this, my schedule for working out looks like this:

Monday- Run
Tuesday- Run
Wednesday- Run or Crossfit
Thursday- Zumba
Friday- Run
Saturday- Zumba or Crossfit

Here are some additional links for those of you who are looking to get into shape before walking down the aisle.

1 comment:

  1. can i say something that i hope will be taken in the spirit in which it is offered?

    first: work out like a fiend. you will never look as good again as you do on your wedding day, even if you don't think you look as good as you wanted to look. you'll never have the time or the energy or the life that you have now again. so do it up grand. :) i was a beast before my wedding. now that i look back, i have no idea how i did it.

    second: get fit for you. don't get fit to keep someone, because if he's wise enough to marry you, he's wise enough to love you for who you are, outside/inside/all sides. and when the babies come and the pounds creep on and you are your own worst enemy and critic, you want the man who shares your life and your bed to be the one who still sees you as the hot chick he asked to be his bride. make sure he's that guy, and if he is--hug him tighter and say the grateful prayer that i do. my husband still thinks i'm hot, even when i'm covered in the daily baby grime and one cranky, tired mama. he still thinks i'm adorable.

    working out and being fit should be for us, not for anyone else. i don't think i really understood that until after i had the baby. it's not about anyone else now, though i really do want to be healthy and a good example for my family. but it's about me.

    that is all. CONGRATULATIONS. no one deserves it more.