Friday, May 27, 2011

Skinny people that the blog will be expanded, I will have to think of what other things from my glamourous life I can share with our readers :). For now, I will move forward with my previously contemplated topic of my skinny husband...

I married a skinny man. He's not sickly or even bony, but the guy is a lean machine! This is not due to his diet (which has dramatically improved since I stepped in). But, if I'm not around, he will eat donuts or pop tarts for breakfast, peanut butter and jam sandwich with chips, a snickers bar for a snack, a frozen skillet meal for dinner, and a heaping bowl of ice cream for dessert. Mind you he's very active, but he seems to burn off whatever he eats so dang easily! Now, I realize that there's more to health then merely just being skinny, but I can't help but be jealous of him when I feel it takes so much effort for me to control my weight.

And this isn't about just husbands. I've had my share of skinny roommates and other family members who eat whatever they want. They'll buy junk food and keep it around with no problem.

What I have to keep reminding myself is that just because someone eats unhealthily, I DON'T have to. I can find alternatives, I can have some self control, I can stop trying to compare myself to them, but it is really hard sometimes. Anyone else have this problem? What have you found to be helpful?


  1. My boyfriend is the same way. He was like 8% body fat, but since we moved in he's probably 6% and he can drink or eat anything he wants. He is very active too, like your husband so with him its different. but ive lived with girls that ate like crap and treated their bodies like crap and were tiny. and it used to make me insanely jealous but now im really glad i have to workout and be active to stay thin because i think im going to live a longer and healthier life because of it.

  2. I have the same exact problem. My husband is super skinny. We're actually having a problem cause he just gets skinnier and skinnier! He goes to the gym for like 20 minutes while I have to be there for an hour or more. And he has a huge sweet tooth and always wants me to bake some goodies for him. Super tempting!

  3. I was a little worried how Jordan would fit into the family when I saw how skinny he was. Thankfully, he can eat just like us!