Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post-op update

So don't worry, I won't be blogging about my little knee surgery every week, but I would like to mention that today the doctor told me I could start working more aggressively to flex my knee - yay! It was SO uncomfortable to keep my knee straight in the brace 24/7 (I still have the brace, I can just take it off more...). I anticipate that getting it back to normal will also be very uncomfortable as all the tissue is extremely tight. Oh well, you never know how much you appreciate something until you lose it right? Same goes for full knee range of motion...

The swelling is down, the incision is clean, everything looks great, BUT I am extremely weak in my quads. Of course, I expected this to a degree - I'm continually providing education to patients about how quickly you can lose strength when you aren't working your muscles - but I do have an increased appreciation for this principle. I was shocked to see what 2 weeks of inactivity did to my little thigh...and I mean little. It's nice and skinny now, but not in a good way. I have a while to go before to turn that squishy mess back into strong muscle of any sort.

Moral of the story? Keep moving! You can never stop or you will have to face the consequences. When I think of it like that, it's rather depressing but I have to remember all the amazing functions that I've retained what a miracle the normal, healthy human body can do.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you moms out there!!!

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