Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hard work works.

so, just a little update. it's been a busy day, so i don't have an earth-shattering post, but it's been a good day and i just wanted to share with people who can understand and appreciate what hard work healthy living can be.

after my last appointment, with the "you've gained some weight" comment and the worry about all of that, i committed.

i mean, i COMMITTED.  it was christmas, and my mom was here, and usually that means treat-a-palooza and lots of movie theatre popcorn and dinners out, but i restrained myself. in fact, i exercised self-control in ways that i hadn't ever done.  no popcorn.  no real desserts, with a few exceptions.  healthy, healthy snacks and small portions of balanced food. 

basically, i went back to what i knew to do.

today? my blood pressure was INSANELY good. as in, i've never heard of it being that low.  all of this despite me having just done my glucose tolerance test, which, if you don't know about that particular joy, is ingesting what's essentially thick flat syrup flavored like a carbonated drink (but without the added fun of carbonated water!) on a basically empty stomach and then waiting an hour for them to take blood from you.  even the nurse thought it would be higher because of that.

nope. perfect.

and my weight?

up not at all.  i mean, it might have been up .8 pounds, but they didn't count it.  my belly is bigger, and our Baby is bigger, but i am not.

and then the doctor praised me.

and, sure, adoration and adulation is great (you may throw flowers at my feet if you'd like), but i don't share this story for that reason.  first of all, you are my community of healthy living friends.  when you succeed, i feel like i succeed--so i want you to feel like you had a share in my success as well.  because you do! with your support and your ideas, you help keep me motivated.

but i also simply want to say that ANYTHING is possible.  you have control. you have control not only over your choices, but also the determination that allows you to follow through on those choices.  cravings don't have control--we do. 

if i can do it, anyone can. 

Baby Girl is worth it--but so am i.  so are you!  i think we forget that part of it sometimes. 

thanks for letting me share my journey with you.  i can't wait to keep sharing it, piece by piece.


  1. You are amazing. Baby Girl is going to read our blog posts one day and realize how hard you worked to make sure that she was healthy. And how much you love her. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  2. Awesome job!!! That is wonderful that you were able to accomplish so much, especially through the holidays! I feel like every time I go for an appointment that I am going for a "weigh-in" like on Biggest Loser and I start calculating what is my lightest outfit/shoes combo I can wear. They should switch the scale over to metric so I have no idea what my weight is :)