Friday, January 21, 2011

Guest Post #2 - Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo

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Slow Cooker Chicken and Mushroom Alferedo

Hi I would first like to tell you about myself they share a post that was recently on my blog. My name is Jacqui and I am in my late 20s and have always gone back and forth with my weight and being healthy. The last five years I have finally been at my happy weight (a little heavier then my thinnest), but I am loving it and want to help others see that it is possible without giving up the things you love!

On our slow cooker Wednesday plan, the next meal was Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo. This meal was a little more work then last week, but it was the perfect dinner on a cold, snowy, winter evening. This meal was actually affordable as well. Here are the ingredients all lined up:

The total cost for this meal was about $10. The mushrooms I got on sale for $4, the fettuccine, and pound of butter both where $1, the cream cheese I normally buy on sale for about $1 as well (and you can see I use one that is fat free and one that is low fat to help keep the calories in check), the milk was $2 (and is fat free, again to try to make this meal a little healthier :-) ), garlic powder, salt, pepper, grated parm, and 2 chicken breasts (I buy them in a HUGE bag from Costco so we always have some in the freezer).

First thing you do is slice the mushrooms and cut the chicken into strips. Once those are both ready place them in the slow cooker and sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic powder on top (about 1/2 tsp each). Don’t forget your slow cooker liner!

Next place a medium saucepan over medium heat, cube the 2 packages of cream cheese and 2 sticks of butter. Add those to the saucepan with 1 1/2 cups of grated parm and milk. Whisk until creamy.

Now pour your cream mixture over the chicken and mushrooms and set your slow cooker for anywhere from 4-8 hours.

When you are ready for dinner, cook your fettuccine per the package directions and add it to your slow cooker masterpiece. (If you would like add some frozen peas to the slow cooker while the pasta is cooking) Sprinkle with a little more parm and you have a great dinner.

This has a great meal. It was creamy and had some great flavor to it. Hubby and I really loved it.

*Side note this recipe made 3 servings so it was a great deal and we have 2 more meals in the freezer!

Although this is not a super healthy dinner, I think balance is the most important part of any eating plan. Every once in a while we all need a great comfort meal dinner!

What is your favorite comfort meal that you try to make healthier?

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  1. Sounds good... but very naughty! I don't think I have enough WW points saved up for this one just yet.