Friday, October 22, 2010

when life gives you lemons....

happy friday, everyone!
fridays are my day off, and like anyone with a day off i had the choice to get things done...or have some fun. as tempting as the outdoors are this time of year i went with the former.
sitting at my desk, furiously typing in an attempt to successfully upload my thoughts before the little one wakes up, a smile is on my face. my house smells like the citrus section of a floral shop - and i dig it!
you guessed i bring you...
while lemons aren’t as abundant in usefulness as vinegar can be, it isn’t the red headed step child of green cleaning, either. 
for a not so lazy friday, here are just a few suggestions:
  • trash can freshener - don’t waste your pretty penny on scented trash bags! simply place the rind of a lemon (an orange will work, too) at the bottom of your can and voila! 
  • furniture polish - mix lemon juice with olive oil (1/2 cup and 1 cup respectively) 
  • (solid)brass and copper polish - cut a lemon in half, and sprinkle surface with salt. rub in circular motion to polish - rinse well with water. (this does not work on plated pieces)
  • drain freshener - done doing the dishes after dinner? freshen the drain by grinding up a lemon (or orange) peel - your whole kitchen will feel refreshed!
  • removing stains from tupperware - squeeze half of a lemon in stained tupperware, add some baking soda, and scrub! (for deep, tough stains it can help to let the paste sit overnight.)
  • lime and calcium buildups - squeeze lemon onto areas affected in bathroom or kitchen, allow a few minutes to penetrate, and scrub
  • removing rust from clothes - squeeze lemon juice onto rusted area, sprinkle on some cream of tartar, and pat with finger. allow to sit for 15 minutes or so. rinse and clean. **don’t attempt on any silk fabric! 
until next week...

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