Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Elite

I am pretty competitive. I am on a church volleyball team and it pains me when we lose (which is not often). I like to say I am good at a lot of sports, but I don't excel at any sports (just ask my kickball team, after we lost yesterday...sad sad day).

But I often wonder how elite athletes are able to keep up with rigorous training schedules and have the mental ability to be able to just go. For example, how does Ryan Lochte (#1 in the world, he just beat Michael Phelps) swim for 6 hours a day and then train on dry land? Granted, this is his job, but the sheer exhaustion would get to me. How did Tim Tebow train enough and change his game enough that he was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft? These athletes serve to inspire and challenge us, but what is their special gift that keeps them going?

The New York Times just addressed this very question in a recent article. Apparently, elite athletes have what is called "mental tenacity". They are able to push through the pain, and do whatever it takes to win and make them champions.

Can you imagine if we just had a little bit of that in us?? I would actually make it to the gym everyday and work out for an hour. We could even apply this to all aspects of our lives. My house would be sparkling, my grading would be up to date, my diet would be in check and I would be married with 3 children :)

Ok, ok, maybe that is a little extreme. How about we just apply it to our health...After all, aren't we "playing to win"? We are dealing with our lives, and if that doesn't motive us to win, I don't know what will!

I have a poster of Tim Tebow in my room and an autographed picture of Ryan Lochte in my classroom, reminding me to push through the pain, get stuff done and do whatever it takes to win. What can you use to inspire you?

If you want to read the article click HERE and allow it to inspire you to have mental tenacity!

(PS- How did yo do on your challenge last week to do something for yourself? I did so-so, but I did spend more time outside...)


  1. I like how you picked two incredibly sexy men as your examples. :) Their presence would certainly help me to be more driven.

  2. I wish I could train for 6 hours a day. I'm trying to find a way to be able to do this. Perhaps fitness modeling..... Then maybe I'll be able to have a spotless house & marry Tim Tebow. hahahaha