Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Things To Do Outside this Fall

With a high of 62 degrees, Fall is in the air here in Virginia. I love this time of the year because the weather is cool and the outdoor activities abound.

Here's ten family-friendly things to do outside this Autumn:

1. Visit a local pumpkin patch.

2. Take a hay ride.

3. Try your luck in a corn maze.

4. Attend a sporting event (ahem, Go Gators!).
Or better yet, organize a neighborhood flag football tournament.

5. Rake up piles of leaves and have jumping contests. Best "splash" wins!

6. Go apple picking.

7. Check out state and local parks and take a hike.

8. Have a picnic.

9. Attend your local fall festival.

10. Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

(I love this picture)


  1. I cannot wait to go apple picking! There are some amazing places just outside of DC...

  2. I live in Boston & I can tell you that my favorite thing to do in the fall (and winter.. and most of spring even!) is LEAVE. yesssss.... to go back to the good ol' south! hahaha