Monday, July 5, 2010

If all else fails, freeze it.

Talk about a crazy Monday! There's not much time to get on the computer in between getting our new house unpacked and packing my husband to ship out. But alas, I shall grace you with this simple and easy trick.

My daughter is a picky eater. I'm not sure where she got that from (people who know me know that I'm laughing right now because I'm probably one of the pickiest eaters around... like When Harry Met Sally picky). She doesn't like the taste or texture of a lot of fruits and vegetables. One day, I was cooking with frozen peas and gave her one. She gobbled it up and asked for more. So I gave her a bowl full, and wah-la, she scarfed down about two good servings of vegetables and was none the wiser.

An example of a typical toddler dinner in our house: grilled cheese on whole wheat, pasta with cooked peas (this was a little taste of Mommy's dinner), frozen grapes, and frozen peas.

Now I freeze everything (or buy frozen).

Green beans
Cooked carrots (diced up)

You get the idea.

So next time your picky eater won't eat her vegetables, try freezing them!


  1. i love this. i used to think frozen grapes were like the best treat ever. my mom probably thought what you did...HOORAY MY KID IS FINALLY EATING FRUIT!

  2. I also love frozen peas..drives the rest of my family crazy. Good for you for figuring out things she will eat.

  3. we do the same thing here---and it works WONDERS (and even more so in the texas heat :))


  4. So that really works? I'll have to try that, since Taylor has not been so good about eating her veggies lately. But, silly question...give it to them straight out of the freezer, frozen? How do they bite them? Can you tell I'm a newbie mom? :)

  5. Straight out of the freezer frozen. Sounds crazy, I know. Just make sure things are small, frozen grapes and banana slices are as big as she gets.