Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The French Connection

Hello from Paris!

(Before I start this post, you should know that I love Paris. Love love love Paris. That is all.)

In leaving Barcelona and coming to Paris, I had to leave behind the staff that I had been working with and start new with a different staff. And a new roommate.

My new roommate's name is Julia. Awesome girl, who just moved to DC with her boyfriend. But the really cool thing about her is that her mom is French, so Julia speaks French like a native and spent the summers of her childhood in the south of France (certainly beats my childhood summers!).

The reason I tell you about my new roommate is that you need to know how healthy she is. No, I am not saying that she eats salads at every meal or works out at the gym for hours. I mean her general outlook in life. For example, last night we went to dinner and I got the menu of the day, which included appetizer (French onion soup), entree (roasted chicken) and dessert (crème brûlée). Julia ordered the roasted duck. And had a few bites of my crème brûlée. Her entree was certainly less "healthy" than mine, but her entire meal was more "healthy" than mine.

I hope you are seeing the theme of how to enjoy food but not get carried away. Julia ordered what she really wanted, ate it (leaving some on her plate) and then enjoyed a few bites of dessert. Moderation is the key to achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves. For me, Julia is a case study that I want to understand better.

For more info on French eating: CLICK HERE

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