Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A question of motivation

How are your resolutions coming along?
Did you make it to the gym at least 5 times last week?
Cook fabulous, but low fat/calorie meals every night?
Did you get 8 hours of sleep on work days?

Me either.

I saw an awesome quote the other day that said, "You are the only thing that is stopping you". I don't know you said it (full disclosure, I saw it on Pinterest). But isn't that the truth? Everyone morning, I tell myself that it is going to be an awesome day. I pack my breakfast and lunch, make plans to workout when I get home...and then reality hits, and I am exhausted, and its easier to sit on the couch to watch a movie than go outside in the bitter cold (right now it is 37F). 

So. What can we do to change ourselves? How can we remain motivated throughout the day, so that when the moment comes, the motivation is just as fresh as it was in the morning?

No, really, I am asking you
How do you motivate yourself everyday?

And as a funny little side note, I saw this and could not agree more...its just getting to that point that I need to work on.

1 comment:

  1. I don't go home between work and workout. If I go home, I don't leave again. I have to go straight to the gym/class/etc.