Thursday, August 19, 2010

"The More I See, the Less I Know" did it go last weekend? Did you do any of the things I suggested to avoid weekend weight gain and keep your eye on the prize (healthy living in case you forgot)? I was able to stick with most my goals, but I did fall short on a couple of them. Which ones? Well, starting the weekend off right with a healthy breakfast was one of the major steps I missed. Live and learn right? But notice the sequence of steps I took. Designate goals. Write them down. Act on them. Refer back. Learn from mistakes (but try not to beat yourself up about those mistakes) and work to repeat the successes.

Things are getting crazy in this area of Gator Country. My husband graduated college two weeks ago, which my in-laws and my parents came to town for. We have been working on a lot of home decorating projects and I have so many more in mind. We have also been preparing for school to start back up for both of us. My husband got a whole two weeks off and now it's time for him to head back to campus for graduate school, which means we are running around shopping for laptops, textbooks, and various random supplies. That's on top of the necessary back to school purchases I need to make (Hello fall fashion. I've missed you in this heat). On top of all that, throw in working jobs, working jointly on health and fitness, doing things for church, doing things for family, blogging, and planning date and family nights. It's enough to stress a Gator out.
--In the interest of full husband is and always has been, a 'bama fan. I think their mascot is an elephant or a laundry detergent or something. Just kidding! Luckily, as long as the teams aren't playing each other, he knows a good team when he sees it...and he cheers for the orange and blue (plus all his tuition money supports the it's only good business sense).--

I've shown you all my workout calendar before, but as I mentioned in that post, that is where I note workouts -after- they are completed. That calendar is just a visual for me that demonstrates my accomplishments (like the chore chart with star stickers my mom had me use when I was little). For a short time, I tried writing the workouts on that calendar in advance...but plans change. Workouts schedules change. And I am far nerdy to look a calendar with things constantly marked out and rewritten. So that calendar is a measure of completion rather than future goals and appointments. Instead, I use Google Calendar to keep my daily life organized. I can organize events by type (personal, work, school, fitness, church, etc). I can add and delete as needed. I can check it easily on my phone. Overall...I love it. I would show you a screen shot of my calendar, but all of my client appointments are listed on it. Because I work with clients with various disabilities (who might not appreciate their names being plastered all over the internet), and because I often have 3-5 appointments a day - it just won't work.

In looking ahead at the coming weeks (and all the appointments on the calendar), I have to remember to avoid stress. I am sure it is the same for many of you. Fall is always the start of so many new things. We all see so many changes in our daily lives and sometimes it can affect us negatively. It may affect our health or it may put fitness goals on the back-burner.

As a chronic headache and migraine sufferer, I have to diligently avoid overloading myself. Too much stress...can trigger a headache. Working through lunch and missing a meal...can trigger a headache. Not getting out of the house/office for fresh air and fitness...can trigger a headache. The clock hitting about 3pm during the summer in Florida...well, you get the point. So how do I work to avoid this stress with so many things to do? I schedule. I plan. I remain flexible to changes in plans. I note when things get completed...and I ask for help when they just aren't going to.


I am skipping my "Links to Health" section today to discuss one last health related topic that I think is really important (completely unrelated to stress, fall, or Gator football)....For those who don't know, I am a strong advocate of Alzheimer's disease research and support. Two of the most important people in my world battled Alzheimer's disease, and it is a pain and suffering I hope that others may someday be able to avoid.

Alzheimer's disease affects millions of Americans and their families. This disease robs spouses of their companions, and children of their parents and grandparents. Often, it can also erode the health and financial resources of caregivers.

I just signed a petition calling on Congress to make Alzheimer's disease a national priority. Will you add your voice and support?

Here is the link

Your signature will be delivered to Congress on September 21, 2010 World Alzheimer's Day. (Put it on your calendar!)

To encourage you to show your support, I have come up with a small prize for one of you who signs this petition. It's a surprise because though I want to encourage you, I also want you signing the petition because you believe in the cause. But it will be good! After signing, leave a comment before Sunday at 6:00pm est, letting me know that you have (we're going on the honor system here). I will post the winner Sunday evening and contact you for your address.

Together, we can make Alzheimer's a national priority.



  1. I signed the petition!!

    And I didn't eat a dozen cupcakes last weekend, pretty good huh? =)

  2. I signed, probably a little late. Love you!